Kittys Story

IMG_0871In 1929, “Kitty” Kimmel (nee Katz) graduated Salem High School. She was good at numbers, but she loved showbiz, so she moved to New York City and found work as a bookkeeper for a talent agency. They did all kinds of acts, mostly jazz.

One night after a big gig, the musicians all came back to Kitty’s apartment and she cooked them up a late night snack. She cooked what she knew— matzo ball soup, brisket… The band loved it and soon Kitty’s place became an after hours hangout.

Then, some of the guys started saying things like, “Kitty, why don’t you let me show you how to make some fried chicken, like we do down South” and “Kitty, I know it’s not kosher, but you have got to try these shrimp and grits!”

So, Kitty learned how to cook soul food. And our menu was born.